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KB # Error Message Solution
KB0159 Receives a: First search for the file titled Lock.dat in your ProQA database directory. If no file is found, create a new database and copy the Lock.dat file generated to the correct location on your existing database to correct the error. If the error persists or you need any further assistance please contac more...
KB0157 Could not initialize the CTree ISAM buffers (84). This is generated when you have reached your maximum number of licenses allowed by your Faircom/CTSRVR server. The licenses for Faircom should not be confused with the security/license dongles for ProQA. The Dongles are licenses for the ProQA software while the licenses for Faircom are the number  more...
KB0156 Receiving "Server Operation Now Stopped" When running Faircom/CTSRVR. This is generated when the user tries to start the Faircom/CTSRVR server when it is already running as a service. The service itself is not stopped.  more...
KB0133 Create: AmpdsRetrvBinvers: Cannot read PROQA version (48). Ensure everyone is logged off ProQA. Back up your ProQA Database ('Files' directory under Faircom Server). Run the File Maintenance Utility (pqafm.exe) from the ProQA.Win\Bin Folder. Place checks in all of the boxes and choose the option for "Rebuild". Once each table has the word "Rebuilt" next more...
KB0098 Error 133 could not recognize server or CTADMN fails Open the CTSRVR.CFG File and change the Server_Name Field to read MPC_PROQA in both locations (at the top and middle of the document). Save your changes and restart the faircom server.  more...
KB0089 Could not initialize the CTree ISAM buffers (450) The PROQA_EXE user is not present or is not correctly entered into the FairCom database.

Download the following file:

KB0050 Where can I find the meaning of CTREE Error Codes? You can find a list of CTREE Error codes at the following address:
  • If you require assistance in resolving a CTREE Error on your soft more...
KB0049 CTREE error 2 on ProQA Workstation(s). This error states that the "Key Value Already Exists in Index".
  • Prior to doing anything to resolve this issue, it is imperrative that you back up your data set, to avoid possible loss of data.
Then to resolve, close all ProQA workstations and use the following procedure:
KB0048 When starting a new case Ctree Error #129 (100)appears
  1. Make sure that the server where Faircom is installed functioning and Faircom is running on the server.
  2. Open the ProQA Configuration Utility and verify that the Database path is correct.
  3. Confirm with network adminstrator that the server IP address is correct.  more...
KB0005 Faircom Corruption Ctree 14 Error The ProQA Database has corrupted tables in it.
  1. Close ALL ProQA workstations, back up your current data set.
  2. Run PQAFM.exe from the C:\\bin folder.
  3. Place a check in each of the boxes shown, and click rebuild button.
  4. The word "REBUILT" will appear next to each t more...
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